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Building an AMP website

"I already have a website. How do I know it's an AMP website or not?"

To check if your website is AMP ready is easy. Go to this link and enter your domain name to see if your website is AMP or not.

"How the AMP Website can help with higher ranking on Google search?"

Google Search takes into account many parameters when ranking one website above another and AMP is a great contributor to have your website being placed above your competition.

"How do AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages work?"

AMP Pages combine HTML code that architecturally prioritize speedy performance. Also Google is providing their own cashing mechanism, that means that your AMP website being stored on and delivered from Google servers free of charge.

"How AMP will help in my marketing compaign"

If you spend money on ads, you want your website or landing page to be seen by all visitors who clicked on your advertisement. Unfortunately if your website take 6-10 seconds to load, large part of your visitors will give up and exit your page before seeing what you got to offer. That is a lost ad money, and lost clients. By having an almost instant loading with AMP you insure that the visitor getting to see your website without exiting prematurely.

"I have a WordPress website. Can I convert my website to an AMP?"

Yes. We can help you to convert your WordPress website to AMP or build an AMP website that will correlate to your WordPress website and will be delivered by Google Search to mobile devices.

Online Marketing

"What are the type of online marketing you can offer?"

We can help you to advertise on following channels: Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Youtube, Yelp and LinkedIn.

"Do you do Social Media Marketing?"

Yes. We can help your business to become Social Media star and attract new clients on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

"Can you help me with SEO - Search Engine Optimization"

Yes. SEO is anorganic way to bring more traffic to your website, that if done correctly can place your website on the first page on Google Search. 

"What is ManyChat Marketing?"

ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger tool that can be used to build an audience of people who are interested in your services or products. It's new way to connect with existing clients and find new ones.

"Can you help to create promotional material for my ads: videos, photos, creative and copy."

Yes. We have photographers, video production team and copywriters that can make your ads stand out from the rest and help your business grow.


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