New Drupal Project: Beach Cities ENT Doctors Drupal 7 Upgrade

Beach Cities has several ENT offices and to stay in competition this office must have the latest web technology on its side. Their website is built with Drupal 6 core and long overdue to an upgrade to Drupal 7 (and later to Drupal 8).

Besides the upgrade to the Drupal engine, we have installed a new theme, produced new photographs, created new SEO driven content and developed new administration tools.  

Redesign: Before and After

To bring the freshness and lightness to the website we have undated the color cheme, fonts and more organic flow of content blocks.

Old Design

The old website had no cohisive theme, nor the apealing stucture that let the eye flow from one section to another.

New Design

The bright and spacious design gives a confident, professional look and invites the visitor to explore content reach website.

Photography Session

Our world renown photographer, Tom Cisneros, spent several hours in the medical office and captured the life and work of the doctors and the staff. The photography session had produced an elevated picture of the practice, giving the visitor a snick pick into high-quality treatment they about to receive.

Very often business would cut cost and would go for stock photography. By making such choice the opportunity to show the real people behind the business is missed. Also, the unaffordable high cost of such service is a misconception: half a day spent in your place of business, photographing your operation or the staff will cost around $250.  

What Else is New?

Mobile-First Design

We have designed the new website to fully accommodate the mobile browsing experience without compromising on branding, ease of navigation and readability of content.

New SEO Content

Together with the client, we have created a dozen of landing pages for each ENT related ailment that the office provides treatment for. The pages are built to rapidly rise in Google search ranking.

Need a New Look for Your Website?

We will do comprehensive analysis and work on updating your website inside and out. Your brand will shine online and will attract new clientele with higher performance and thoughtful design.